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20 Jan 2022

It’s a new year! And I haven’t updated the site in a bit.


I spent this morning’s deep work session studying networking. You’re probably thinking “what?? how in this point in your career are you barely studying networking?” The goal here is to get three certifications in a single day because at this point, one is no longer enough for me. So I’ll get 3 “easy” ones. “Easy” as in, I should already know this and I shouldn’t have to spend a considerable amount of time preparing. The three certifications I’ll be going for are:

  1. GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  2. GCP Cloud Digital Leader
  3. HashiCorp Terraform Associate

I thought the Google Cloud Certified Anthos Fellow would be the final cert, but nope. I strive in conditions where I put myself in unfamiliar territory and am near my limit with challenging goals; which leads me to my general update…


I have some career goals I want to achieve by end of Q1 2022:

Why? I want to see what I can achieve and I want to see what I’m capable of. I’ve truly started from nothing and if I can continue to grow far beyond what I thought my limits were, maybe I can inspire others through leading by example. And if I didn’t accomplish influencing a single person in my lifetime, at least I’ll know I constantly dared myself to try.