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My New Home Office

24 May 2022

COVID has been around for a couple years now and the novelty of having my boyfriend as my home-office-mate has long wore off. What happens when you put an extroverted coworker who talks a lot in meetings throughout the day with an introverted coworker struggling with inattentive ADHD in the same room, no more than 6 feet apart?

What happens is: the introverted coworker builds her own office in the backyard! 😂 (with a bunch of help from her extroverted coworker)

We purchased one of those DIY storage sheds from Home Depot and hired help to assemble it for us. I spent a couple days measuring, cutting, and nailing down the subfloor.

We had the insulation and drywall done by our favorite handyman and an electrician set up my ac unit, recessed lights, and outlets.

I made some unconventional decisions. I chose to have an accent wall that expanded to the ceiling and picked a dark green color.

I'm pretty happy with the result! This now serves as the backdrop for my virtual meetings!

On the other side, we have my 3 monitor setup. I admit it's overkill but let's just pretend like it actually increases my productivity by 3x.

Here's the space before it became occupied with my storage-shed-turned-office.

A space to call my own! We had new concrete laid down in preparation for our backyard renovation.