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03 Dec 2021

Advent of Code

What better way is there for learning and practicing Go than to use it as the language of choice for Advent of Code? I’ve only spent ~3 hours of deep work sessions studying Go but I found that it was enough to at least complete the first two days of the advent calendar! The dopamine I get from solving puzzles is so euphoric.

Google Cloud Certified Anthos Fellow

Hi Lynn,

Congratulations! You are a Google Cloud Certified Fellow in Hybrid Multi-Cloud (Anthos) technologies. We are happy to welcome you to this certified community, and thank you for all the hard work you have put into the process to reach this milestone.

AHH! I can’t believe it.

With this achievement, I almost feel like I no longer have to prove myself to myself. Almost. There’s still self-doubt but I have to remind myself of this:

My coworkers and managers believe in me, my family and friends believe in me, and now Google believes in me! I suppose my judgment of myself has always been spotty 😂

Airing of the Grievances

I had a meeting at work today that was labeled “Airing of the grievances”. Boy did we air the grief! I won’t go into the details of the numerous issues the team brought up but the outcome left me feeling hopeful. I feel like a valued member in the group and I truly believe upper management is listening and taking action. While the past couple months haven’t been the greatest as far as work is concerned, the trajectory has sharply privoted upwards! The plan is to transition me off the project sometime in January or February of 2022. I’ll finally be able to execute on the exciting ideas I have and get to do the things I want and love to do!