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22 Nov 2021


Solidity Prechecks

Holy guacamole. I was about to compile my own checklist of things you should check before deploying a smart contract but remembered someone probably has already done this. They certainly did; but what I wasn’t expecting was 29 issues to check for! As of May 2019, the multitude of issues were spread across 5 categories:

  1. Coding Specification Issues
  2. Design Defect Issues
  3. Coding Security Issues
  4. Coding Design Issues
  5. Coding Hidden Danger Issues

The fact that your smart contract must be perfect on your first try terrifies me. You’re literally deploying straight to production and there’s no turning back! If you have some overlooked security flaw or unoptimized math operation(s) in your code; that’s money lost to yourself and/or the users! Immutability is a double edged sword.


The virtual reality universe in Ready Player One is already here via the Metaverse.

Fortnite x Air Jordans

Virtual Metaverse w/ Crypto & NFT

I strongly considered downloading The Sandbox and trying it out. But I’m gonna try and delay my gaming relapse; I’ve got Solidity to study!


I wonder if I’d be any good as a solutions architect? I imagine it would be pretty different from my current role. Do you get to engineer more potentially? Because the way I see it, you would need to architect a solution and the only way to make sure it’s valid is by proof-of-concepting it out yourself. That’s exactly what I would want to do. I’d love to spend my days building cool things and playing around with new technology. Most of my current days are spent asking for various permissions, gathering information, repeating myself multiple times to various people, and fixing others’ tech debt. Yay.