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04 Nov 2021


I spent this morning’s deep work session studying more on blockchain technology. I learned so many things:

1. Wallets

2. Ethereum 2.0

3. Gas

4. Software

5. Preethi Kasireddy


6. Upgradeable Smart Contracts


Every week day morning, I wake up at 4:45am. This gives me dedicated time to prepare for my day, have a nice deep work session, and go for a walk before I need to start my 8-5. I love walking because it’s extremely good for you and I get to learn new things through a podcast, audio book, or youtube video. I also really enjoy listening to nothing during my walks which is what I did today. By listening to nothing, I’m not bombarding my brain with new information. It allows me to digest the information I’ve been taking in, form my own thoughts and ideas, and allows me to think creatively.

After all the blockchain content I’ve been reading and listening to, I finally had the time to try and understand the concepts, think about the implications of the technology, and figure out what I wanted to do with this new knowledge. I had come to the realization that blockchain technology and decentralized applications have the power to make my current role as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer obsolete. That’s far off in the future and not something I really need to worry about, but just the thought is crazy. Cloud engineer roles are currently highly desirable. To think that there is a future where they’re no longer needed is absolutely wild! Why would you need to pay Google or Amazon for leased compute power and storage when you can use the world computer and IPFS?

Brainstorming benefits cloud providers like AWS and GCP provide if web 3.0 becomes mainstream:

In the scenario that this future arrives much earlier than expected, it’s great that I’m learning this now. Fortunately, while blockchain and the cloud are competitors and have opposite goals; they still have many similarities which allow me to learn something new without starting completely from scratch. This is the end of my first week learning about Blockchain and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface! I’m looking forward to adding some hands-on development content on this site soon!